Digitizing Taste

Taste is personal. So are we.

Offer real-time food personalization to your customers

Effectively managing the customers’ experience is no longer a choice. It’s a necessity. Vivanda supports the worlds’ top retailers, manufacturers, content publishers and other members of the food ecosystem to increase customer loyalty, grow business, and deliver targeted, personalized customer experiences.

Vivanda provides a customer engagement services platform for the food and beverage ecosystem – FlavorPrint® –  that enables personalization of digital touchpoints with consumers and offers innovative analytics tied to a digital standard for taste.

Using propriety algorithms and machine learning, Vivanda matches  the taste and texture preferences of an individual with any recipe, beverage or food product and delivers personalized recommendations through our API enabled platform.

Taste drives choice, so use understand your customer by using the latest in personalization technology, combined with world class food science.

Our technology will not only directly impact your top line growth by allowing you to target your customers with relevant personalized food recommendations, but also improve your customers’ satisfaction and engagement levels by providing an in-context content experience.

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