In a recent conference presentation, Gartner’s Noha Tohamy outlined promising supply chain applications for artificial intelligence and discussed potential barriers to adoption. To show how AI could be used to sense and shape demand, Tohamy highlighted the example of Vivanda’s FlavorPrint program.  – Thanks CIO IDG – Nice shout-out!   Machine intelligence is about to become ubiquitous, which means enterprises face an important decision: when to develop machine intelligence specialties in-house versus when to leverage third-party resources. Vivanda’s service is unique, so the answer to the question is simple – use FlavorPrint. There are clear benefits to this technology, whether you are a grocery shopper, an R&D expert at a CPG company, or a brand manager seeking the next level of personalization. To hear more of the story, come check out Vivanda at SAPPHIRE NOW.

During the Future of Food virtual forum, Jerry and Brick Meets Click CEO and co-founder Bill Bishop discussed the merits of finding opportunities to reach your customers through personalization and choice. Read the whole article on SAP’s Digitalist Mag: The Next Big Thing is Personal

Discover what FlavorPrint can do for you!

This week on Brick Meets Click, Jerry was interviewed on how personalization can take food to a whole new level within business strategies. Covering the FlavorPrint technology and digitizing taste, Jerry highlighted how FlavorPrint can be beneficial to targeting CPG Brands. Read the whole interview here. Brick Meets Click helps “retailers, suppliers, and technology service providers create the foresight, tools, and relationships they need to grow their businesses.”

Innovations everywhere at the NIKKEI this past week. After our demo on FlavorPrint, we sat in to watch John Krafcik talking about Google’s self-driving cars and Boston Dynamics describing their robots. Interesting times we live in.    

We’ve been invited to speak at the NIKKEI Innovation Forum, in Palo Alto, CA. Come find us at the “The Future of AI, Robots and Us”, on October 26, 2016.  Tickets are free and still available on Eventbrite.