Digitizing Food
Setting new standards for the identification of taste and textures

Take a peek through the lens of flavor to truly understand food

How do you digitize food?

We analyzed hundreds of thousands of ingredients, products, recipes and menu items at a sensory level and incorporated this data into our proprietary big data library. We then applied food science, culinary know-how and food behavioral insights to map this data with 16,000 aroma chemicals that describe the way a particular food, beverage or ingredient tastes. During this process we created a new digital standard for food that allows the classification of consumer taste profiles, products, dishes, recipes and beverages and then allow us to match consumers to their favorites!

What does “FlavorPrint” mean?

We designed FlavorPrint to create the first industry standard for the intuitive digital visualization of a human flavor palate a in a consumer friendly way. A FlavorPrint mark displays intensity levels of 33 core flavors. The result being that we can now help people find the food they love.

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