API Services
Our RESTful API is well documented and available through various SDK’s in support of ubiquitous use.

Why should you use our API?

Personalize your digital touch points

Match taste and texture preference of your customer with any recipe, beverage or food product and deliver contextualized recommendations at every digital touch point through our API enabled platform.

Increase user interactions

Increase various user engagement metrics (bounce rate, time on site, page views) and most importantly consumer satisfaction.

Become more relevant to your customers

Deliver solutions that allow your customers to have relevant interactions with your food products and recipes by taking time, location, pantry items, cooking utensils, and personal preferences on nutrition, diet, allergy, price, cuisine, source and most importantly personal taste and texture.

Know your customers

Get to know your consumers’ preferences and their behaviors related to food while they interact with your web property. Use this information to offer them an even better high quality services. By providing personalization you will increase your customers’ loyalty towards your brand and make sure your site is repeatedly visited.

Connect your customer with relevant products and tailored recipes recommendations

Recipe recommendations

Find products that match your customers’ taste.

Product recommendations

Discover delicious recipes that are perfectly matched to your customers’ unique taste.

Build an intimate relationship with your customer

Become your customers’ trusted advisor when it comes to food and beverage selection. Transform your brand into a service your customer will not want to live without by understanding customer needs on a personal level.

Increase your sales

By delivering a fulfilling customer experience, increase the likelihood of your products being purchased and increase your customers’ basket size.

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