Analytics & Data Services
Setting new standards for the identification of consumer preferences

Analyze big data to make sense of millions of data points pertaining to consumer interactions with food

Transform big data into actionable insights

Create new and focused data sets to perform sensory informed analytics. You decide what you want to know and we overlay a flavor lens to analyze the taste palate of your customer. If it is your goal to inform growth strategies, then use this data to satisfy your customers’ cravings for a great experience.

Start building customer taste and personal eating habits profiles

Effectively collect your customer data, get to know your customers, and start a personal conversation. This is how you shift from Customer Relationship Management to Customer Managed Relationships.

Reach an audience at scale

Learn about your customers’ daily habits. Then use our insights to develop precision targeting techniques and inform marketing campaigns. You will identify neglected or new customers that love your product. The combination of personalized food discovery and data-enabled targeting will ensure that your message is reaching the right audience at the right time.

Identify recipe taste and flavor trends and gaps

Recipes are very effective marketing tools. Evaluate recipe catalogs through the flavor lens and gain valuable insights on eating trends. Use Vivanda data to perform gap analytics and identify tastes that consumers are craving.

Conduct customer taste segmentation by preferences

Get to know your customers and consumers in general by understanding their flavor palates. Combine our data with rich 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to target audiences by their preference. We will create food and eating experience attributes for these consumers that will enable you to reach desired audience segments and zero in on individual customers.

Re-evaluate your data

Give meaning to your big data and derive new insights from data sets by adding flavor and texture attributes, in combination with user preferences and behavioral data. Taste drives choice, so take a deep dive to understand your customers’ taste.





Comparative products analytics

Compare your product portfolio with a competitors and identify common and distinct taste and flavor attributes. Overlay this information with your customers’ taste profile and identify taste and flavor gaps.

Informed product development

Use flavor and taste trend and gap analytics to develop product concepts. Understand your customers’ desires. If your data is telling you that your customer wants bolder and more exotic flavors, test this concept by matching flavors with millions of user flavor profiles and see how compatible they are.

Perform compatibility testing

What is the next big thing? Use Vivanda as your entry point when making strategic new product development decisions. Understand what large groups of consumers are looking for when selecting a tasty product. Increase your odds of being successful with a new product launch and mitigate the risk of marketing your new product to the wrong customer segment.