The kitchen is the social hub of the house where families and friends have decided to gather over thousands of years. Although being the connectivity point, it’s the last room in the house that has been disrupted by mass digital media. A number of highly innovative companies and platforms, including some well-established companies are trying to win the battle for this space with different approaches. Online delivery, restaurant delivery, the Internet of Things with intelligent appliances etc. are fighting for this space – the Internet of Food.

The Food Tech & Media industry refers to the Internet of Food as the entire food tech ecosystem, including the sensors and analytics systems in all levels of the supply chain, startups and incubators, and food delivery and distribution services, that are all quickly becoming more connected. Vivanda uses the term “Network of Food” to define an even broader space and includes all ecosystem players, especially well-established manufacturer, grocery retailers and related parties such as digital agencies, food content publishers, syndicated data providers, restaurants and other business where food is critical element of their business model. Vivanda goal is to power the Internet of Food to connect and personalize the Network of Food.

For this purpose Vivanda has decided open its platform to developers to enable the convergence between food, technology, design and taste. Developers will have access to both functionality and data to enable use cases associated with the context to which a food experience is related featured in. We believe that by making our API developer friendly, we will maximize the opportunities for distribution and create value to end user and to the overall Network of Food.