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Taste is personal. So are we.

Digitizing Taste

Digitizing Taste

The Personal Food Advisor


Empowering the Network of Food
In today’s age, effectively managing the customer experience is no longer a choice. It’s a win-or-lose necessity. Vivanda was started by food industry experts with three simple goals:
  • Help companies leverage the power of the internet in combination with food science
  • Improve the consumer experience by making it personal and contextual
  • Dramatically improve the effectiveness of influencing food choice to address unmet needs

By doing so, Vivanda supports the world’s top retailers, manufacturers, content publishers and other members of the Network of Food to increase loyalty, grow their businesses, and deliver targeted customer experiences.

Unmet Consumer Needs
Driven by demographic shifts and learned behaviors from other purchase categories, the food consumer has become solution oriented, highly connected, information intensive and expects value beyond price. Consumer research shows that the number one driver for selecting food is taste. Yet, this most basic need has not been addressed in digital form.

Consumers are dissatisfied with the ineffectiveness with which their food needs are met. Retailers and manufactures are dissatisfied with their ineffective marketing efforts to influence consumers during billions of shopping trips per year.

Consumers are craving personalized and contextualized food recommendations for products, recipes, coupons and services to inform choice.

We are in the midst of the greatest food industry disruption of the past 35 years

CPG eCommece accounting for majority of CPG growth


Online grocery sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 21.1% between 2013 and 2018


9 in 10 Execs say digital will disrupt their industry


Share of brand advertising going to digital


>50% CPG sales digitally influenced


Percent of shopping trips are pre-planned

The Solution
Vivanda has built a customer experience management platform that utilizes revolutionary digital technology to empower its customers to deliver frictionless, contextual and personalized experiences to consumers.

Based on 30 years of culinary research, food and sensory science, Vivanda has created a classification to standardize and qualify the anatomy of a given food item as it relates to an individuals “Taste.” We call this the food genome.

Using proprietary algorithms, Vivanda matches taste and texture preference of an individual with any recipe, beverage or food product and delivers contextualized recommendations through our API enabled platform.

By analyzing the data generated, Vivanda provides its customers with the means to perform sensory informed analytics, including predictive market foresight, with the goal to inform growth strategies.

Our Value
In the US, retailers and manufacturers are losing billions per year with untargeted, inefficient and increasingly ineffective tactics to activate food purchases by consumers. This means that manufacturers typically lose losing $0.30 per $1 of trade spend.

Top line growth comes from more targeted product and experience solutions, in-context promotion, greater convenience and a broader value experience beyond purely price. Profitability comes from personalization and contextualization being incorporated into tactics associated with promotional spending.

Vivanda’s customers can expect improved consumer satisfaction, top line revenue growth and increased levels of effectiveness on promotional spending.

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